The Leadership Development game has changed.

Welcome to Leadership Edge Live. The concept is simple. Leadership classes are broken up into short segments containing practical application and support from one of our leadership coaches for one low subscription price.

What is Leadership Edge Live?

The traditional leadership development model is to have people attend multiple days of training designed to help them lead more effectively. While the content in those sessions is solid, the delivery method can be improved. Leaders need time to practice what they learn from these sessions, and they have less time to devote to their development. This all changes with Leadership Edge Live!

Leadership development has changed. Are you ready to...

Turning confusing and complicated leadership topics into common sense actions

  • In Leadership Edge Live, select courses that matters most to you. They attend virtually and in manageable timeframes. All sessions are 30 minutes max!
  • Next, you complete a 15-minute weekly activity that is related to the course content. This practical application allows you to apply the skills in real-time.
  • But we all need feedback, right? You can add the optional coaching package to get even more from your Leadership Edge Live experience. You simply call or text us to receive on-the-spot coaching when you need it most.

45 minutes per week? Really?

All Of Our Sessions Are 45 Minutes Per Week! Yes...Really!​

We designed Leadership Edge Live around the busy leader’s schedule. All sessions are 30 minutes and are 100% virtual. You can attend during your scheduled session or watch the recording of the session at your convenience. You should also plan for 15 minutes of application work each week to help you transition the course concepts back to your job. Absolute flexibility!

The Ultimate Learning Experience

Developing leaders in less time and achieving better results

All Leadership Edge Live sessions are taught live by a highly qualified leadership expert and the learning journey is not limited to the virtual classroom. You can expect to connect one-on-one our coaches, develop action plans, interact with your peers in a discussion forum, and more. It is a dynamic learning experience.

To increase retention of the key concepts and to maximize your return on investment, Leadership Edge Live utilizes a spaced repetition approach. Through well-designed microlessons and real-world application activities, you will grow in your leadership and communication skills.

Yes! Our training sessions are available just for your organization. Just let us know what courses interest you and we can discuss the process and pricing with you.

Absolutely! Our courses can be taught off-site at your offices.

No worries! All sessions are recorded and can be played back whenever you want. You will not miss anything!

All participants are on mute for all live virtual events and only the instructor has their webcam and microphone turned on. We ask participants to communicate using the chat functionality in the virtual classroom. In some classes, you may need to turn your microphone on in small group breakout rooms for discussions.

Yes! We have dedicated support staff available to help solve any connection problems you may experience. Part of the new learner on-boarding process is working out any technical hiccups before the learning begins. Do not worry! We are here to help!

We agree and believe most people learn best through hands-on practice. This is the focus in Leadership Edge Live. We teach short pieces of high impact content and then support you in the application of the learning concepts.

Absolutely! Most Leadership Edge Live courses have one-on-one coaching sessions built directly into the content flow. However, we also offer extended coaching services to participants who are in need of additional coaching services to discuss their more challenging business situations.


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