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4P Social Styles


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Course Overview

Do you ever feel like you are speaking a different language when communicating with someone else? To some degree, you are! Social scientists categorize us into four major social styles; Power, Passion, People, and Precise. During this course, you will examine your personal communication style, learn to adapt to the communication styles of your teams, discover different speaking styles, and increase employee motivation. Change your relationships by adapting your communication style and connect with others!

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone that wants to understand the dynamics of effective communication and improve how well their messages are received. All leaders can benefit from this course.

Learning Path

We all have gaps in how we communicate. In this session, we will explore how those gaps are preventing us from achieving optimal results.  

Virtual Session (30 minutes) + Social Styles Insight Questionnaire (15 minutes) + Online Journal (15 minutes)

It is time to explore the four different personality styles in detail and understand how they process information differently. This is a FUN session! Careful, you will learn something about yourself!

Virtual Session (30 minutes) + One-on-One Coaching (15 minutes) + Online Journal (15 minutes)

The styles are fun to talk about, but things are about to take a serious turn! If you want to get better results, you have to start doing things differently. In this session, we are going to debunk some myths about each style, including how they prefer to communicate and what motivates each style towards action. This is really getting good!

Virtual Session (30 minutes) + Determine Others Styles BUZZ Game (15 minutes) + Online Journal (15 minutes)

So what is versatility? In this fast-paced session, we will explore how to adapt your approach with each style and identify any versatility blind spots for you. Epic.

Virtual Session (30 minutes) + Path Forward Planning (15 minutes) + Online Journal (15 minutes)

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