Building Employee Engagement

According to the recent studies, only about a third of the global workforce is highly engaged, leaving the remaining two-thirds less engaged or disengaged. Highly engaged employees are emotionally committed to their organization’s goals and use their discretionary effort to go the extra mile on behalf of their organization. This course will address the reasons employees become disengaged and provides you with strategies to increase engagement.

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Aug 14 2024 |
7:00 am to 7:30 am
All sessions are at the same time each week.

Hourly Schedule

The Leader's Impact on Employee Engagement

August 14, 2024
In this session, we will be mainly focusing on the impact that a leader has on their organization and reasons for employee departure. Participants will also examine the Employee Engagement Model strategies that increase engagement.

Employee Engagement Model Part I: Know and Grow

August 21, 2024
In this session, we will examine the first two strategies of the Employee Engagement Model: Know and Grow. These strategies offer the right amount of feedback to help employees develop and feel their work is meaningful as well as show appreciation and recognition for employees’ contributions.

Employee Engagement Model Part II: Show and Crow

August 28, 2024
This session details the next two strategies of the Employee Engagement Model: Show and Crow. These strategies help identify employees’ strengths and leverage them in the workplace as well as show support and remove obstacles that hinder their ability to do so.