Developing Positive Relationships at Work

It is vital that employees feel connected and supported by subordinates, peers, and leaders. Employees with good working relationships handle conflicts effectively and treat each other with mutual respect. When the work environment promotes this kind of culture, employees have higher morale and productivity.

In this course, we will explore the impact of positive intentions and assumptions and examine methods to build positive relationships. We will identify strategies for interacting with others that will help you to develop a supportive, encouraging, and positive environment in your workplace.

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Apr 21 2022 |
12:00 pm to 12:30 pm
All sessions are at the same time each week.

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The Mental Game of Developing Positive Relationships

April 21, 2022
This session will highlight the powerful role your mentality plays in building strong relationships. In this session, you will recognize the impact positive intentions and assumptions about others have on relationships. We will also explore the importance of thinking before reacting to a situation and examine how establishing trust will enable you to have the best positive relationships in your workplace. 

Building a Positive Relationship with Others

April 28, 2022
In this session, we will identify methods to build positive relationships. We will explore how clear communication and discussing your expectations will have a positive effect on relationships. Then, we will examine how building trust, showing respect, and being loyal to those who are absent positively impact relationships. 

Interacting with Others

May 5, 2022
In this session, we will learn how showing empathy, finding commonality, and giving credit where it’s due all benefit healthy relationships. We will also discover how to face differences directly, but with respect, while maintaining strong relationships in the workplace.