Emotional and Cognitive Empathy

Empathy is an essential leadership skill that is often underutilized by today’s leaders. Emotional and cognitive empathy are needed to effectively lead and manage teams, relate to clients, and interact with people at all levels of an organization.

In this course, we will learn to recognize and employ empathy and understand how it impacts our personal and professional lives, highlighting some of the pitfalls that can arise when it is underutilized. We will use case studies to identify empathetic behaviors and learn how they can benefit relationships within the professional setting.

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Jan 02 2023 |
11:30 am to 12:00 pm
All sessions are at the same time each week.

Hourly Schedule

Introduction to Empathy

January 2, 2023
Successful leadership requires the skill of empathy, but it doesn’t always come naturally, and it is a learned competency. In this session, we will define and understand the skill of empathy and discuss how it differs from sympathy. We will also distinguish the difference between emotional empathy and cognitive empathy and explore the impact empathy has on relationships.   

Exploring Empathic Behaviors

January 9, 2023
In this session, we will identify and understand the impact of various empathic behaviors, including developing an inward attitude, conveying personal warmth, active listening, trustworthiness, and turning conflict into cooperation.   

Practicing Empathy

January 16, 2023
In this session, participants will practice using the empathetic behaviors learned in Session 2 by participating in interactive case studies. This will give each person an opportunity to try out their knowledge and gain feedback on how well they implement emotional and cognitive empathy.