Leadership Essentials with a Foundation of Emotional Intelligence

Motivated business professionals are looking for every edge to be successful in the workplace. Naturally, many develop expertise in technical or task-oriented skills in order to enhance their careers. However, those who have a high level of awareness and control over their emotions, who use their emotions to connect with others and develop positive relationships, will find even greater success in the workplace.

This skill is known as emotional intelligence, and it is an essential element in the business world, especially in high-stress environments. Not controlling your emotions can preoccupy your thoughts and interfere with your ability to evaluate a situation objectively. This course provides the knowledge and tools needed to develop emotional intelligence, enabling leaders to confront difficult issues and mange change with clarity and composure.

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Mar 02 2022 |
11:00 am to 11:30 am
All sessions are at the same time each week.

Hourly Schedule

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

March 2, 2022
This session provides participants with an overview of emotional intelligence and why it is important in your profession. We will also cover the five areas of EQ (Emotional Quotient/Intelligence).

Mind: Self-Awareness and Self-Regulation

March 9, 2022
This session will explore how emotion influences your thoughts and actions. This incorporates using self-awareness and self-regulation strategies as key skills to build emotional intelligence.

Heart: Motivation and Empathy

March 16, 2022
An important goal in developing emotional intelligence is to develop more positive relationships with others at work. In this session, we will explore methods to do this by using two key interpersonal skills: motivation and empathy.

Mouth: Social Skills

March 23, 2022
This session illustrates the social skills needed to build your emotional intelligence. Participants will learn how to communicate their feelings and needs clearly to another person while remaining respectful of their feelings and needs.