Leading Change

It’s important to understand how leading change can generate a positive or negative outcome at an organizational level. In this course, participants will define the eight common pitfalls of leading change and learn the skills required to be effective. Participants will gain insight into the three Cs of leading change and recognize three potential hurdles to overcome. This course will also examine an eight-step process and change models including Lewin’s model and the ADKAR model.

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Nov 21 2022 |
7:30 am to 8:00 am
All sessions are at the same time each week.

Hourly Schedule

The Big Idea and Business Case for Leading Change

November 21, 2022
This session will explore the evolution of leading change. Participants will examine the positive and negative components of leading change and the subsequent organizational impact.

How Leading Change Applies to You

November 28, 2022
This session will explore the eight common pitfalls associated with leading change. Participants will also review the five skills required for effectively leading change.

Leading Change Models

December 5, 2022
Session three explores the first four steps of the “Big Opportunity” change model.  Participants will also summarize the ADKAR model for change in addition to Lewin's change management model.

Leading Change - Application and Best Practices

December 12, 2022
This session will review steps five through eight of the "Big Opportunity" change model. Participants will also review the three Cs of leading change successfully as well as the three hurdles to overcome.