Leading Leaders

Highly talented organizations have a greater concentration of talented people whose levels of education, skill, ability, and influence are substantially above average. It is challenging to lead top talent in the modern corporate world. Therefore, senior leaders need to think more strategically, communicate more persuasively, and develop the leadership skills of those around them. One who possesses the ability to lead other leaders will have the opportunity to obtain a priority role within their organization.


This course offers strategies to reinforce your leadership skills and build your team of leaders to achieve organizational goals. You will become a better coach to your high potential leaders and develop the ability to convey your vision to them, while preparing yourself for more senior responsibilities.

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Mar 03 2023 |
11:00 am to 11:30 am
All sessions are at the same time each week.

Hourly Schedule

Leading Leaders: Setting the Vision

March 3, 2023
This session will focus on defining what it means to lead leaders, how it is different, and what the key roles are of leading leaders. We will explore how leaders exert their leadership by setting the organizational strategic vision effectively and how the goals of top-level leaders are connected to next-level-down leaders.

Identifying How Relationships are Different

March 10, 2023
This session will focus on how communication changes when communicating to leaders. We will explore the importance of reinforcing cause and effect thinking, how to communicate your vision to leaders, and how to manage the amount of influence you have in your organization.

Development is Different for Leaders

March 17, 2023
When you lead leaders, the development changes from technical to leadership expertise. In this session, we will identify how to help your leaders communicate effectively, set the vision, and lead their team effectively.