Managing Up

The reality of today’s workplace is that individual success depends not only on how well you do your job, but how well your supervisor does their job. A supervisor’s role should not come from a command and control mindset, but rather a mindset of collaboration. When our supervisors are unable to meet deadlines, accomplish goals, and fulfill expectations, those unmet obligations inevitably become yours, and your relationship can suffer greatly.

This course presents the principles of managing up that help you to be more in tune with your supervisor’s needs and help you to support their daily obligations, which in turn will benefit you. Your work life will run more smoothly, you will encounter less conflict, and you will make a positive impression on your supervisor.

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Nov 08 2022 |
3:30 pm to 4:00 pm
All sessions are at the same time each week.

Hourly Schedule

Managing Up: Expectations

November 8, 2022
In this session, we will define the concept and principles of managing up. We will also identify the best practices for meeting with your supervisor regularly and recognize what is expected of you so that you are both on the same page.

Managing Your Supervisor

November 15, 2022
In this session, you will learn to identify your supervisor’s priorities, goals, and pressures. Next, you will define a clear system of organization of information and examine how to eliminate preventable problems in your everyday work and interactions.

Managing Yourself

November 22, 2022
In this session, we will recognize the behaviors that frustrate your supervisor and learn ways to avoid them. We will also examine the behaviors that reflect positivity on you and identify best practices for handling situations that frustrate you. Finally, we will also explore ways to engage in polished self-promotion.