Strengthening Teams Through Communication

It is not unusual to hear people in an organization say, “We have a communication problem.” This course is designed to provide participants with information and techniques to analyze and enhance their communication skills and help others communicate more effectively. Communication takes many forms: words, voice tone, eyes, and body language to name a few. This course helps participants understand the hidden meanings behind the various types of communication and devise strategies to communicate clearly and avoid unnecessary conflict.

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Oct 24 2022 |
3:00 pm to 3:30 pm
All sessions are at the same time each week.

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The Communication Process

October 24, 2022
Changing technology makes focus on communication in the workplace essential. Teamwork and communication go hand in hand. For a team to be successful, each member must communicate effectively to ensure the group as a whole is always up to date on the task at hand. Whether you’re working with a small project team or an entire business’ staff, it’s essential to focus on communicating effectively to realize the benefits of team communication. This session contains an overview of the communication process and the common pitfalls in the process. We also define the communication filters and demonstrate how filters impact the way we communicate with others.

Social Styles as a Primary Communication Filter

October 31, 2022
Social styles are the way we communicate with others and how others communicate with us. This session contains an overview of the degrees of assertiveness and responsiveness in communication, we determine your social style and identify the social style of others, and you will learn to adapt your communication style to the communication styles of others.

Avoiding Communication Pitfalls

November 7, 2022
With communication comes miscommunication. Miscommunications have serious consequences. They can tarnish your reputation, upset clients, team members, or even lead to lost revenue. Effective team communication can transform your organization in so many ways! And yet, many employees are not happy with the way their teams communicate. In this session, we address the critical mistakes we make when communicating and best practices for avoiding these mistakes.

Listening Skills

November 14, 2022
Listening may seem simple. However, more and more team leaders and companies are taking it on as a great skill and are reaping the rewards. The direct act of listening enriches workplace relationships, improves team productivity, and enhances your mood. While conflict from communication is inevitable, active listening changes misunderstandings into positive action. In this session, we learn approaches, tools, and techniques to enhance your active listening skills and minimize conflict.

Challenging Conversations

November 21, 2022
From delivering performance reviews to saying no to new projects or extra work, difficult conversations are part of life. The ability to tackle tough issues with tact and respect is an essential skill for any professional. By cultivating a culture of trust and openness and fostering healthy communication practices, you can successfully navigate difficult topics and help your team thrive. In this session, we provide you with proven approaches to address communication challenges. Topics include the power of “I” statements, methods to de-escalate emotions, manage extreme anger, manage hidden emotions, giving and receiving negative feedback.