Weathering the Storm – Learning to be Resilient

In this course, participants will learn the four fundamental elements that help build resiliency: Attention, Thoughts, Actions, and Motivation. This course will help you apply those skills when faced with a crisis and develop ways to utilize them to continue building resilience in the workplace.

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Feb 02 2021 |
10:00 am - 10:30 am

All sessions are at the same time each week.

Hourly Schedule

Weathering the Storm: Learning Resilience Part I

February 2, 2021
In this session, we will identify two levels of resiliency, traits and states. Participants will also learn about two key factors for resilience: Attention and Thinking.

Weathering the Storm: Learning to be Resilient, Part II

February 9, 2021
In this session, participants will learn about the next two key factors for resilience: Actions and Motivation. The session will also explore how our sense of control impacts our ability to use positive coping skills (Actions).

Weathering the Storm: Resilience in a Time of Crisis

February 16, 2021
In this session, participants will discern how to apply the key elements of resilience during a crisis and discuss five coping skills that can strengthen positive action.

Weathering the Storm: Resilience in the Workplace

February 23, 2021
This session looks specifically at how building resiliency in the workplace helps to relieve stress and anxiety and provides a more positive work experience. Specific tips will be discussed to encourage and strengthen resiliency skills.