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World-class training designed
to tackle today’s challenges

Our courses target specific challenges faced at all levels of leadership. Organizations can utilize this training to help create the culture of performance your organization needs to accelerate results.
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Create a path for all leaders
to succeed

Offer skill-building and leadership development at ALL levels in your organization to create a positive company culture, boost employee retention and achieve better results.
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World-class leadership training
to tackle real-world challenges

Our leadership training courses, grounded in 25+ years of experience and ongoing research, target challenges at every leadership level. They help create a performance culture, attract top talent, and accelerate results.

Predictable Investment

An enterprise subscription enables all leaders to attend unlimited courses and maintain predictable pricing for the organization.

Engage Employees

Provide engaging and actionable learning opportunities for your employees that can be directly applied to their jobs.

Scalable Development

This program was designed to help you develop employees, expand their knowledge, and empower them to accelerate results.

Strategic Focus

Teach leaders to find a balance between a results-focus mindset and building strong relationships within their teams.

Our innovative platform was designed to be a one-stop shop for leadership development, employee upskilling, and improving company culture. Identify skill gaps for each employee and work to close them with personalized learning paths. Leadership Edge Live has a proven track record of success in companies just like yours. Getting started is easy and our 75+ available courses will allow you to see immediate impact in your organization.

Why work with Leadership Edge Live?

We make our proprietary content and innovative delivery platform available to leaders at all levels. We aim to create real change, both in the professional lives of employees and in the organization as a whole. We challenge individuals and drive growth while creating lasting change within the larger teams.
Our online learning and coaching platform provides opportunities for leaders at all levels.
Our WRAP methodology delivers measurable results and develops capable leaders across the organization.
Our innovative platform is web-based and can be accessed from anywhere in the world without fear of privacy concerns.
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