Who are we?

Leadership Edge Live is owned and operated by Looking Forward Consulting. Looking Forward Consulting was founded in 2009 by Shawn Snyder and is a network of performance consultants, facilitators, and instructional designers that have a passion for helping others succeed. At Looking Forward Consulting and Leadership Edge Live, we love creative learning solutions and bringing fun into the learning environment. Since the company was founded, Looking Forward Consulting has developed well over 500 essential and technical skills learning programs and we develop in-person, virtual, and e-learning programs. We are gamification gurus and have launched audience engagement platforms such as Learning Arcade, Poll Guru, and more.

Shawn Snyder


Shawn Snyder is an accomplished organizational development expert with a proven ability to develop and implement training strategies as well as organizational change initiatives. He is recognized as an expert in human performance and developing tomorrow’s leaders. He has also led multi-million dollar change initiatives for Fortune 500 companies.

Shawn is a skilled speaker and innovator. Who has traveled the world inspiring leaders at all levels. He has helped many organizations find solutions to their complex issues, resulting in positives across the board such as higher sales, increased employee morale and reduced employee turnover.

Shawn Snyder Leadership Edge

Innovation and technology are a cornerstone to Shawn’s success with clients. Shawn has also developed hundreds of training modules on technical and essential skill topics. Shawn is an expert in instructional design and in adapting instructional approaches for cultural dynamics on a global scale. Additionally Shawn has developed several apps available in market that enable interaction with learners in new and different ways.