One trusted partner for all your leadership development needs

At Leadership Edge Live, we provide an all-in-one solution for leadership development needs. As a trusted partner, we offer a comprehensive approach to help leaders achieve their full potential. With our services, clients can rely on a single source to address all their leadership development requirements.

Trusted Source for leadership Training

We have your leaders covered!

Business Alignment

At Leadership Edge Live, we are passionate about alignment within your organization. This is not a cookie-cutter set of canned videos that you need to force fit into your company’s culture. We go to extraordinary measures to help drive deep alignment with your company's value.

Dedicated Support

Our “Development Pros” are performance consultants that average 20+ years’ experience and have a passion for helping others succeed. The Development Pro assigned to your account offers more than just technical support: they will invest time getting to know you and your team personally.

All Inclusive Solutions

So often, we see leaders throw learning at their teams and hope it “sticks.” This rarely works. You need complete approach to solve these complex challenges. At Leadership Edge Live, our Development Pros build individualized development plans based on 360° feedback, learning path for key roles in the organization based on the needs of the company, and required training based on the strategic direction of the organization.

Engagement Analytics

Leaders love our microlearning modules! They like the short 30-miunte fast-paced live virtual modules with immediate application immediately following each session. We offer engagement analytics to your key stakeholders on your learner engagement. Our data-driven approach provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of our programs, enabling you to track progress and make informed decisions for growth.