Frequently asked questions

Can we have Leadership Edge Live courses for just our organization?

Yes! Our training sessions are available just for your organization. Just let us know what courses interest you and we can discuss the process and pricing with you.

Can you teach Leadership Edge Live courses at our offices?

Absolutely! Our courses can be taught in-person at your offices.

What happens if I miss a live virtual learning event?

No worries! All sessions are recorded and can be played back whenever you want. You will not miss anything!

I do not want to be on camera or talk on the live learning events. Is that okay?

All participants are on mute for all live virtual events and only the instructor has their webcam and microphone turned on. We ask participants to communicate using the chat functionality in the virtual classroom. In some classes, you may need to use your microphone in small group breakout rooms for discussions.

I am not very good using technology. Is Leadership Edge Live a good option for me?

Yes! We have dedicated support staff available to help solve any connection problems you may experience. Part of the new learner on-boarding process is working out any technical hiccups before the learning begins. Do not worry! We are here to help!

I learn best through hands-on practice. Is Leadership Edge Live a good option for me?

We agree and believe most people learn best through hands-on practice. This is the focus in Leadership Edge Live. We teach short pieces of high impact content and then support you in the application of the learning concepts.

Do you offer coaching to support me throughout the learning journey?

Absolutely! We offer extended coaching support to participants who are in need of additional help to discuss their more challenging business situations.