Leadership development has evolved. Organizations can no longer set aside 8 to 16 hours per topic for employees to attend training sessions. Training must become more efficient and easily applicable to their jobs. Welcome to micro-learning. Welcome to immediate application and transfer of the learning back to the job. Welcome to a significantly better way to develop your leaders. Welcome to Leadership Edge Live.
Leadership Development Training solution

Our courses are structured to focus on learning application. We provide engaging 30-minute micro-learning sessions once a week on topics that impact your leaders every day. Then we give them a structured bridgework assignment to complete following that session to help them apply what was discussed within their job. This transfer of learning to direct application increases learning retention and helps learners find ways to apply the concepts back into their daily jobs immediately.

Our content can be adapted for on-site facilitation or customized for your organization’s specific needs. Our team of performance consultants and instructional designers can map a path to help your organization accomplish its desired goals.

Leadership Edge Live is the foundation for success, but it should not be the only solution. Leadership Edge Live enables you and your team to focus on the most strategic tasks and leave the day-to-day facilitation to us.