WRAP Methodology

All Leadership Edge Live programs are based on the WRAP principle of instruction. By experiencing condensed learning events and applying the content faster, participants are more easily able to transfer the learning back to their personal and professional situations.


First participants watch by attending a 30-minute session once a week. This is a high energy session taught by a professional leadership expert. During these sessions participants may play a game, respond to a poll, provide their perspective through our chat feature, or even have a rapid fire conversation live with other participants.


Second, participants will reflect. They’ll privately answer one to three questions about what they saw during the watch phase. These are not quiz questions to determine if they retained what they saw, these are reflection questions. The goal of the reflect phase is for learners to translate what was discussed in the watch phase into their everyday life.


Next, learners will apply what they learned during this application assignment. They may be asked to have an essential conversation with a supervisor, watch a video, complete a task, or even have a short one-on-one coaching conversation with one of our executive coaches. We call these “bridge” assignments as they bridge the content from week to week. 


The fourth and final step is plan. At the conclusion of the course, we ask that all learners make a plan for how they will change their behavior and track results.