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This course strengthens your skills in the following leader behaviors:

Course Overview

Traditional business relationships and communication methods are changing; however, etiquette and professionalism are essential skills when interacting with team members, internal customers, and external clients. Whether it is being polite to a rude co-worker, keeping a clean workspace, or using proper grammar in an email, these courtesies make the workplace more enjoyable.

In this course, we will dive into the importance of proper business etiquette and explore techniques to use when dealing with people who cause stress. We will also define ways to turn people down diplomatically, examine the impact of human connection, and discover the importance of being a respected leader.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is recommended for business leaders, senior executives, managers, supervisors, and front-line workers.

Learning Path

In this session, we will define business etiquette and its importance, discuss how etiquette and professionalism go hand in hand, and identify how patience in the workplace fosters good relationships. Finally, we will discover how to handle people who increase your stress levels and how to say “no” diplomatically.   

Virtual Session (30 minutes) + Online Journal (15 minutes) + Activity (15 minutes)

In this session, we will relate how human connections play an important role in business etiquette and recognize the importance of positive language and listening skills in your daily work routine. We will also explore two concepts: the power of what is not said and how actions speak louder than words.

Virtual Session (30 minutes) + Online Journal (15 minutes) + Activity (15 minutes)

In this session, we will identify the qualities respected leaders have in common. We will also examine how encouraging employees and building trust will help you to become a respected leader within your organization.

Virtual Session (30 minutes) + Online Journal (15 minutes) + Activity (15 minutes)

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