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Course Overview

Have you found yourself in a situation where something happens that brings forth a bad memory or emotional feeling? While this may not impact others at all, you find yourself reacting negatively in that moment or even the rest of the week. These are emotional triggers.

This course will help you identify your emotional triggers, acknowledge the root causes that can initiate triggers, and explore methods for managing them effectively to help you in both your professional and personal life.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone who seeks to recognize their emotional triggers and learn how to manage them effectively.

Learning Path

In this session, participants will explore emotional triggers and their importance, identify the Moment of Truth concept, and understand the typical reactions to conflicts that we experience.

Virtual Session (30 minutes) + Online Journal (15 minutes) + Activity (15 minutes)

In this session, we will define the Trigger Thought Process and explore what our personal triggers are and how they impact our lives. We will also identify ways we can choose to react positively or negatively to triggers.

Virtual Session (30 minutes) + Online Journal (15 minutes) + Activity (15 minutes)

In this session, participants will identify how they can retrain their brains around their triggers. We will identify and practice techniques that will help shift our emotional state when we start to become triggered, including the use of the ART model.

Virtual Session (30 minutes) + Online Journal (15 minutes) + Activity (15 minutes)

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