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Course Overview

A personal vision statement is an excellent way to define your priorities in life. It clarifies your direction, guards you against imbalances, and filters your distractions. In this course, we will examine the need for creating a vision, develop the skills needed to create a vision statement, and set goals for achieving the vision.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for anyone who wants to develop their vision, define their values, and build a career aligned with their vision and values.

Learning Path

In this session, we will explore the importance of creating a vision statement in our lives and what we gain by doing so. Participants will also identify their strengths, goals, and values.

Virtual Session (30 minutes) + Online Journal (15 minutes) + Activity (15 minutes)

This session will help participants identify their skills and the professional roles they desire. We will also identify and explore the four social styles and how each style is better suited for certain roles. Finally, we will examine the six steps to explore your life vision.

Virtual Session (30 minutes) + Online Journal (15 minutes) + Activity (15 minutes)

In this session, we will explore the personal vision statements of some famous people and utilize the five-step plan to write our own vision statement. 

Virtual Session (30 minutes) + Online Journal (15 minutes) + Activity (15 minutes)

It’s important to create goals that will help you to achieve your vision. In this session, we will explore the five methods for setting effective goals and how they further you in your career. Finally, you will create your goals using the methods discussed in the session.

Virtual Session (30 minutes) + Online Journal (15 minutes) + Activity (15 minutes)

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