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Course Overview

SOAR Analysis is a powerful tool to bring stakeholders together in recognizing the potential of the organization and creating a shared vision of the future. The SOAR Analysis is an action-oriented strategic planning method that helps organizations focus on their future vision and results. In this course, we will explore the SOAR Analysis model, how to use the SOAR Analysis for teams and within the entire organization, and the importance of SOAR Analysis for personal growth.

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Who is the course for?

This course is ideal for any business professional who wants to enhance their development plans for themselves and/or their organization. 

Learning Path

In this session, we will define SOAR Analysis and its importance as well as how to perform one for teams, organizations and individuals. We will also differentiate between a SOAR Analysis and a SWOT Analysis.

Virtual Session (30 minutes) + Online Journal (15 minutes) + Activity (15 minutes)

In this session, we will explore the methods used in an effective SOAR Analysis for our team or organization. This includes using the 2X2 matrix and the six-step process.

Virtual Session (30 minutes) + Online Journal (15 minutes) + Activity (15 minutes)

In this session, we will examine how you can complete a SOAR analysis for yourself and explore its expected benefits. We will also discuss the use of the 2×2 matrix and six-step process as personal development tools. 

Virtual Session (30 minutes) + Online Journal (15 minutes) + Activity (15 minutes)

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SOAR Analysis

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